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"Viva Mexico" (1997)

The story begins at “El Rancho Grande” in a remote part of Mexico. Mama Inez and her son Ramon run a Rancho and guest house out among the cactus and yellow sands of the desert. Ramon (alias Zorro) is secretly working with his men and Mendoza, a mad but good revolutionary, to rid the counbtry of a most cruel and corrupt government. This leads them to rob an American Senator and his daughter Lucille, whom they believe are on their way to deliver a substantial amount of money to the evil government.

It is left to Pablo and Pepe, two bumbling simple souls, to escort the stolen goods back to the Rancho so that the bankdraft can be found and then used for the Revolution, and not as it was intended. Unfortunately Lopez, the ruthless and sinister Chief of Police and his young and earnest Sergeant Bernardo, arrive at the Rancho with the bemused Senator and his daughter. Lopez has long suspected that Ramon e is in fact the infamous Zorro, but has been frustrated in his attempts to prove it. He believes that bringing the Senator and his daughter to the Rancho that they will eventually discover their belongings and thus prove that Ramon is in fact Zorro. However Lopez’s plans are again thwarted as Lucille falls under the romantic spell of Zorro and foils the Captain’s plan.

As the story unfolds we will meet Raquelita, Ramon’s Fiance, and her two friends, Caslida, a sweet natured Senorita aand Lola, A rather mixed up young lady. And then it’s on to an Aztec Ceremony where the wonderful voices of the Priestesses ring out over the Mexican desert. But danger is lurking iin the darkened temples and a gunshot will shatter the serenity of the ceremony. Much mayhem will ensure, but ultimately good will triumph over evil, and the people of this Mexican village will celebrate as only they know how.

This musical comedy is sure to entertain the entire family, and have you doing the Mexican Hat Dance all the way home.