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Me And My Girl (2002)

Tells the tale of Bill Snibson, a Cockney bloke who suddenly become heir to earldom.

The Hareford clan, a group of insufferable aristocrats, are clinging to their blue-blooded ways by the tips of the well-manicured fingers. The family’s precarious financial situation can only be remedied by locating a legitimate heir to the earldom of Hareford. In due course an heir is found, but, unfortunately for the haughty Harefords, he turns out to be the decidedly non-noble Bill Snibson, a swaggering Cockney from Lambeth. (It seems the late 13th Earl of Hareford had enjoyed at least one brief preiod of amorous slumming, secretly wedding a woman beneath his station.)

The Earl’s will specifically states that the heir must be deemed a fit and proper person by the two very fit and proper executors, Maria, Duchess of Dene, and Sir John Tremayne. A food hearted woman beneath all her jewellery, the Duchess is determined to make the best of the situation by transforming Snibson into a proper gentleman. To complicate matter further, Snibson is madly in love with a girl he refuse to leave behind, fellow Cockney Sally Smith.