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Ladies In Retirement (1987)

Ellen Creed has been Leonora Fiske's housekeeper for a long time. Ellen's two sisters, both a bit peculiar, are evicted from their flat, so Miss Fiske grants Emily's request to have the sisters move in with them. One day when Ellen's away, a stranger called Albert Feather turns up, claiming to be Ellen's nephew. He is in need of money so Miss Fiske goes to her hiding place and lends him some.

Ellen's sisters wear out their welcome quickly. Miss Fiske orders them out, ignoring the pleas of Ellen, who dreads them being sent to an institution. Ellen snaps. She strangles Miss Fiske to death. First telling visitors Miss Fiske is traveling, then that she sold the house to her, Ellen hires a new maid, Lucy, who finds Albert hiding in a shed. Together they find Miss Fiske's wigs, wondering why she didn't travel with them.

A thief wanted by the law, Albert seduces Lucy, then deduces what Ellen must have done. Lucy sits at a piano, playing Miss Fiske's favorite song, wearing a wig with her back to Ellen, who screams at the sight of her and faints. Albert tries to steal the hidden money, but the police turn up and place him under arrest. Ellen can take no more and leaves the house forever.