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Welcome To Benalla Theatre Company

Benalla Theatre Company is a Child Safe Organisation

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Fools Paradise (1994)

Phelps, an ex-service man who has suffered an eye injury, falls in love with Rosa Duchêne, a French dancer, but in a Mexican bordertown he meets Poll Patchouli, also a dancer. When he rejects Poll's advances, she tricks him with an explosive cigar that blinds him. Later, he hears Poll mimicking Rosa's voice, and believing her to be his beloved, he tells her about the accident; Poll resolves to atone and begs him to marry her, and he consents. She takes him to a surgeon who restores his sight, but discovering her deception, Phelps leaves her in search of Rosa. At last he finds Rosa living with a prince in Siam; unable to decide which one she loves, Rosa throws her glove into a crocodile pit, promising to take the man who retrieves it. The prince is almost killed by the reptiles, but Phelps saves him. Rejecting Rosa, nevertheless, Phelps returns to Poll but finds her engaged to Rodríguez. In a quarrel, Poll is injured and Phelps carries her from the dancehall. Following her recovery they get married.