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Welcome To Benalla Theatre Company

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2019 Production of Robin The Hood

This hilarious spoof on the heroic adventures of Robin Hood opens in a weeks time. Tickets are now available to purchase online at Try Booking or in person at Auto One, 183 Bridge St East, Benalla on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between the hours of 11.00am and 2.00pm.

To see some Rehearsal Photos go to the Current Show page.

Lyndsey Hill, plays Clien, the daughter of William Tell.

David Garrett, plays William Tell who comes to compete in an archery tournament in Sherwood Forest.

Come to the show to see his skill.

John Ellis plays King Richard, and while he’s away his brother John takes over.

Come to the show to see if Richard can reclaim his throne.

Liz Hillenaar plays the Fairy of the Wood, always out doing good and called to help find Maid Marian.

Come to the show to see if the Fairy can help.

Jasmine Weeks, plays Lily, one of the Greenies, who doesn’t put up with any nonsense!

Emily Watt, plays Pansy, the map reader for the travelling Greenies, in our production of Robin the Hood.

Come to the show to see if Pansy can get them travelling in the right direction.

Kirri Brightmore, enjoying her cuppa, plays Bluebell, one of the Greenies who can sometimes be slightly Eeyore-ish in attitude!

Come to the show to see if Bluebell can cheer up.

Jess Grant, plays Rose, the romantic Greenie, looking forward to her date with Will Scarlett.

Com to the show to see if Rose and Will get their date.